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Where to order fake Warren National University diploma, buy a Warren National University certificate, buy fake university diploma. Warren National University, previously known as Kennedy-Western University, was an unaccredited private distance learning university that claimed to offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in the United States from 1984 to 2009. It has been described by federal investigators and news sources as a diploma mill, a designation it has disputed. Its administrative offices were located in Agoura Hills, California.

Warren National University was established as Kennedy-Western University in California in 1984. Its founder was Paul Saltman. The name was officially changed to Warren National University on January 1, 2007. According to the institution, the new name was selected in honor of the first governor of Wyoming, Francis E. Warren, and reflects the university’s strong ties to the state of Wyoming. In 2003 the Encyclopedia of Distributed Learning cited Kennedy-Western University as an example of an unaccredited, profit-making online university that had “achieved reported economic success.”

In 2007 a Warren National official said the institution had between 135 and 150 faculty members.[19][dead link] According to WNU spokesmen and the school’s website, 80% of the academic faculty hold doctoral degrees from accredited institutions and the remainder hold master’s degrees from accredited institutions. In 2002 WNU declined to tell The Chronicle of Higher Education the number of faculty, the method of compensation, the proportion of faculty that is full-time or the ownership of the institution.

At least 22 WNU instructors were full-time faculty at other state and private academic institutions, primarily associate and assistant professors in business, computer science, or engineering at state universities. These part-time WNU faculty were paid on a piecework basis, receiving $25 to grade a paper, $200 to develop a course, and $40 per hour to answer students’ questions. Some of these faculty members declined to discuss their WNU work with The Chronicle of Higher Education with the about their work for WNU due to concern that their regular employers or their colleagues would disapprove of it.