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Northwestern University is a private research university in the United States. It was established by John Evans along with other eminent lawyers, businessmen and politicians in Evanston (Illinois) in 1851. The university maintains its satellite campuses in Doha and Chicago. Place to order a fake Northwestern University diploma, dupplicate a Northwestern University degree cerytificate, buy fake Northwestern University certificate, buy fake diploma in Chicago.
The Evanston campus is stretched over 240-acre land while the Chicago campus is spread over 25-acre land. Northwestern University is dedicated to best-in-class education, innovative research and intellectual empowerment of the students. With 12 renowned schools and colleges, the internationally-acclaimed university offers various undergraduate, graduate, professional and pre-collegiate programmes. 
Notably, it received a total endowment of $11 billion till date. Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences is the oldest college of the university that comprises of 26 academic departments offering 47 major and 46 minor fields. Further, the School of Communication is among the premier communication institutes in the world.
Kellogg School of Management is known for providing quality education syncing with the demands of the corporate world. Moreover, the Pritzker School of Law is highly venerated in legal communities. Also, the Feinberg School of Medicine has been remained to be the hub for medical breakthroughs since 1859.