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With schools and most workplaces shuttered during COVID-19, the University of Phoenix is offering free academics, online advice, career services and more to schools, educators, parents and the general public. How much to buy a University of Phoenix diploma, fake University of Phoenix degree, order a fake University of Phoenix certificate, order fake diploma in Phoenix.
As an institution patterned around an online model for remote learners, the transition for students and faculty was fairly seamless. Now, the school wants to reach out to everyone else, University President Peter Cohen said in kicking off the new programs. 
Free webinars and courses are available to anyone who needs them. From parents homeschooling for the first time, a high school needing help transitioning from classroom to online, to job seekers wanting career advice, the university is ramping up its free online offerings and support to help. 
“One of the things we’ve been able to do well, since the majority of our students are online, is to pivot easily,” said Cooper Nelson, senior manager of public relations and communications. “So we’ve really taken this time to start initiatives to help other institutions and organizations who may not have support, and to just help people get through this very difficult time. Pandemics affect everybody.”