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Founded in 1970, American InterContinental University – AIU was first established as the American Fashion College of Switzerland in the Canton of Lucerne in Lucerne, Switzerland. Today, AIU annually provides nearly 20,000 students with a range of undergraduate and graduate programs. Headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois, American InterContinental University is part of Perdoceo Education Corporation and maintains additional U.S. campuses in Houston, Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia, as well as a virtual campus called AIU Online. How to make a fake American InterContinental University diploma, buy fake American InterContinental University degree online, order fake AIU diploma in America.
As an employer, American InterContinental University has offered part-time, freelance, and remote job opportunities ranging from partially remote to 100% remote. The university seeks professionals who share its vision and are eager to work in a dynamic environment, and AIU offers eligible team members a comprehensive benefits package that includes paid time off, medical coverage, and educational assistance.
The mission of American InterContinental University is to support the varying educational needs of a diverse, career-oriented, and nationally dispersed student body with the goal of preparing students personally, academically, and professionally. American InterContinental University is known for offering flexible programs, with over 80% of students attending AIU Online for degrees in criminal justice, education, business, fashion design, and IT. AIU also supports the military, offering 45% tuition reductions, as well as grants, benefits for military spouses and family members, and special transfer programs.