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Cost to make a fake California Coast University diploma, buy fake CCU degree, replica California Coast University certificate, order fake certificate. Students enroll and complete degrees for a variety of reasons including enhancing job performance, promotional purposes, salary increases, personal goals, etc. Students utilize library and research facilities in their own geographic areas, or on-line resources provided by CCU. Faculty members are hired based on a combination of educational achievement and as recognized leaders in their respective fields. Curriculum is based on current research and theory in the various fields, and developed by faculty members in conjunction with the curriculum development team.
Originally, California Coast University provided distance education degrees, at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral level, for a variety of majors including business administration, management, psychology, education, and engineering management. Over time, the engineering management programs, along with the other doctoral programs, were phased out in response to a reorientation of the CCU programs in preparation for accreditation by DETC (now DEAC). Students completing programs that were discontinued could complete their degrees in a teach-out agreement with the accreditor. Teach-out agreements are a standard practice required of all recognized educational institutions. During the teach-out phase, qualified faculty continue to work with enrolled students.
Since accreditation, CCU has continued to expand and to offer more distance education programs in the areas of health care administration and management, criminal justice, human resource management, marketing, general studies, and to expand the department of education to offer master’s and doctoral degrees in education.