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The University for the Creative Arts has created a unique community for its students, where like-minded people can share in the creative process and inspire one another. Collaboration between courses is encouraged, with fine artists studying with budding film-makers, and fashion designers working alongside architects. In this way, the students benefit from exposure to a range of disciplines. Make a fake University for the Creative Arts degree, buy a fake University for the Creative Arts diploma, phony UCA diploma, replica UCA degree, fake UK degree.
The University has exceptional industry-standard facilities. The campuses are home to workshops for ceramics, glass, wood and metals where students can experiment under the supervision of technicians with extensive industry experience in their field. There is extensive studio space in painting, sculpture, fashion and film-making; radio and TV facilities for trainee journalists; stop motion equipment for animators; and an industry-standard Gerber suite for fashion pattern cutting.
The University for the Creative Arts is committed to creative practice and understands research and enquiry to be at the heart of lifelong practice-led pedagogies in the creative arts. Its researchers represent a broad range of practice as artists, designers, architects, filmmakers, photographers, historians, theorists and curators. Their research leads to the creation of buildings, artworks, installations, books, articles, ceramics, exhibitions, textiles, reports, films, photographs and moving image, and as such they offer a broad understanding of art and design that reaches into allied areas of the media, communication and the built environment.