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How To Create A Università degli Studi di Firenze Diploma

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The Università degli Studi di Firenze (UNIFI), Department of Industrial Engineering (DIEF), is an institution active in the higher education and research sector. The staff consists of about 250 scientists and 25 technical and administrative staff. The Department includes various research groups which cover all main competencies related to industrial engineering; therefore, various research groups are operating within the same Institution, being focused on mechanics, mechatronics and energy engineering as main fields. UNIFI has a long lasting research activity in the field of surface transports with a specific focus on the automotive, Powered Two Wheeler (PTW), unmanned drones, railway vehicles sectors. Order a fake Università degli Studi di Firenze diploma, buy University of Florence diploma, fake Italy diploma, buy Università degli Studi di Firenze certificate.
Research activities carried out comprise NVH, numerical and experimental modeling of dynamic systems, design of safety devices – including HMI devices -, virtual testing of PTWs and cars both for crash and for simulation of handling manoeuvres, virtual testing of personal protective equipment (included airbag systems), accident analysis, urban mobility, powertrain design and simulation, simulation of dynamical system and mechatronics, prototyping of autonomous vehicles and on board mechatronics system (including testing and development of Hardware In the Loop systems), product Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and vehicle electrification.
Main related expertise: Since 15 years the Moving research group of UNIFI has been strongly committed with the enhancement of Powered Two Wheeler (PTW) safety. During the activities, mainly developed within EU funded projects and in partnership with OEMs, it acquired a deep expertise in the main research areas tackled in this project. In the accidentology domain UNIFI is expert in the analysis and reconstruction of accident scenarios with the purpose of linking the crash kinematics with the injury outcomes for the users involved (ref. APROSYS, PISa, MYMOSA, SMART RRS projects).