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Established on 27 October 1954, Singapore Polytechnic (SP) was Singapore’s first polytechnic. Initially concerned with producing skilled technicians to support the nation’s move toward industrialisation, SP has since evolved to meet changing manpower needs as Singapore’s economy came to focus on high-technology and knowledge-based industries, rather than low-cost labour-intensive manufacturing. Time to make a fake Singapore Polytechnic degree certificate, order a fake Singapore Polytechnic diploma, buy fake SP certificate, order fake Singapore degree certificate.
Technical education gained importance in Singapore following the end of the Second World War when the economy moved away from entrepot trade towards industrialisation. At that time, the shortage of skilled workers was a major concern, prompting calls from both private and public sectors, as well as individuals, for the expansion of technical education.  
The idea of a polytechnic in Singapore was mooted in August 1951 at a meeting convened by the Singapore branch of the Technical Association of Malaya, which had invited all interested parties to discuss the provision of training for craftsmen, technicians and engineers.1 This became the basis of an ad-hoc committee, chaired by educationist Thio Chan Bee, that petitioned the government in 1952 for the urgent need to set up a fully-equipped and staffed polytechnic.2 This suggestion was accepted.
In January 1953, Governor Sir John F. Nicoll appointed a committee to investigate the necessity of a polytechnic, and prepare a scheme covering subjects that should be taught, the cost and equipment involved, as well as how the institution would fit within the existing education system.