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Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College diploma, CMCC degree
Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College diploma, CMCC degree,

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the founding of Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC), members of the research faculty felt it useful to review the research enterprise of the institution with reference to the institution’s current research agenda. In 2016, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College had revised its research agenda and identified five core research streams, buy fake Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College diploma: i) Health and Wellness; ii) Biological Basis of Musculoskeletal Injury and Manual Therapies; iii) Clinical and Health Services Research; iv) Education in Healthcare; v) Knowledge Translation and Health Policy.

At the time that the researchers met to formulate the proposed research themes, no comprehensive quantitative information was presented concerning the current research capacity or output of the institution. In fact, while it appears that Canadian chiropractors value chiropractic research, order fake CMCC degree, and CMCC-affiliated chiropractors have taken a leadership role in promoting chiropractic research in Canada, the peer-reviewed literature on the Canadian chiropractic research enterprise is all but non-existent.

Thus, each researcher brought with them their personal perceptions of the place and trajectory of CMCC within the broader enterprise of research of relevance to chiropractic, buy fake Canada diploma in Medicine. It has previously been argued that an essential step in developing a research agenda for chiropractic in Canada would be to take stock of current resources. The above-referenced study by Stuber et al.5 of Canadian chiropractic research had painted a picture of modest research capacity, but used anonymized surveys such that it was not possible to parse out data specific to CMCC.