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The University of St Andrews certificate, Art Master diploma

University of St Andrews established in 1410 to 1413, Scotland's first University, is also the world of English is second only to the third oldest University of Oxford and Cambridge. It is located in the beautiful golf birthplace Britain's east coast town of st. Andrews in Scotland, is the world's leading teaching and research centers, 1994 at the university of main members of the group. As Scotland's oldest university, the school kept a lot of tradition. One of the most famous traditional robe is students. Can be found in every corner of the university of red-robed undergraduate students, and dressed in a black robe seminary students. St Andrews university many times was voted The Times and the guardian in Britain or the Scottish university, is considered to be one of Britain's top universities in The Times of 2015 ranked the third British university, second only to Oxford and Cambridge (tied for first Oxford and Cambridge), the guardian in 2015 ranked the third at a British university. St Andrews university in 2014/15 of the world's 88th qs world university rankings; In 2014-15 times higher education world university rankings, ranked 111th in the world.

As one of four ancient Scottish university, the school is very special to humanities and social sciences graduate award called the Master of Arts (Master of Arts) degree. It is also the only ancient universities in Scotland a not open legal subject of university. St Andrews has 24 hours a day of science and technology information service center, free E-mail and modernization of the library. Top facilities perfect music center and sports equipment, hardware equipment of the university of st Andrews can fully meet the needs of students.