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Order a fake Limerick Institute of Technology degree, fake LIT diploma, buy Limerick Institute of Technology certificate, buy fake Ireland degree. Founded in 1852, Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT) is the oldest Institute of Technology in Ireland. Limerick is Ireland’s 3rd largest City and capital of its Mid-West Region. LIT is established and funded by the Government of Ireland as an essential part of Ireland’s public higher education infrastructure. An enrolment of 7,000 learners makes LIT one of the largest Higher Education Institutes in Ireland. LIT’s mission is to prepare learners for fulfilling and challenging futures, fostering the professional, intellectual, social, cultural and personal development of the individual.
LIT awards span the range from Higher Certificate, Diploma and Ordinary Degree to Honours Bachelors’ Degree, Masters’ Degree and Ph.D. (Levels 6 to 10 on the QQI national framework:
Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT) lives-out its educational philosophy of ‘Active Learning’ by fusing theory with practice across all disciplines. This is achieved through individual practical laboratory-based exercises and projects, scenario-based and problem-based exercises in classes and tutorials, course-work and class-work that demands professional and skilled task performance. These modes of learning are developed and informed through engaging consortiums from relevant local and global industry partners in the design, delivery and ongoing review of our undergraduate and research programmes. The various professional guilds, institutes and associations are themselves associated globally, inter-connected through international agreements. Because LIT engages all of the relevant professional bodies in those programme design-and-review consortia, LIT qualifications also obtain a world-wide recognition from their relevant professional bodies.