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Cornell University is located in northeastern New York state by a finger lake area of Ithaca, the world's top research universities, two schools in New York City and education city, Qatar is famous as a member of the ivy league, with a total of more than 40 teachers and students has won a Nobel Prize. Cornell university by Ezra Cornell and Andrew dickson white, was established in 1865, is the only one in the United States in eight ivy league started after the war of independence. buy fake US degree, buy fake American degree, buy fake Chicago degree, buy fake California degree, buy fake Columbia degree, buy fake illinois degree, buy fake US diploma, buy fake USA diploma, buy a bachelor degree from US, buy a master degree from US, buy UK degree, buy French degree. At Cornell university is the school for anyone get the equal rights of education, is the first in the ivy league schools implement gender equality of men and women in the school university, admissions on excluding noble identity, regardless of faith and race, and the aim of the school motto is to create versatile disciplines, a new type of comprehensive university, all inclusive so the school has long been hailed as the first in American history is the real meaning of the university. Cornell university is the only ivy league USES the co-operative school-running mode, the original features a&m college and started, industrial and labor relations, the hotel management college, pioneered in the United States. At Cornell university, the traditional advantage majors including agriculture, veterinary medicine, engineering, Labour relations, liberal arts, economics, architecture, education, business, media, and hotel management, etc.

Except at Cornell university, the other seven au school respectively, buy fake Cornell University degree, fake Cornell University diploma, buy fake Cornell University degree, fake transcript, buy degrees, how to buy fake diploma,how to buy fake Cornell University degree, how to buy Cornell University transcript, how to buy fake Cornell University degrees, where can we get a fake diploma in England, where can we get a fake transcript, how much for a fake diploma, how much for a univerdity fake degree, how can we get a fake degree, where to buy degrees in America, fake diploma, buy fake degree. harvard, Yale, Princeton university, Columbia University, university of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth college, and brown university), in addition to Cornell university is established after the American revolutionary war, the remaining 7 IVY university was founded before the American war for independence, in which only the college of William and Mary because of geographical location and operating model reason refused to join the sports economic, the rest of the seven have been joined by IVY IVY league. Cornell university is the only IVY use co-operative school-running mode, the school is divided into public and private two parts, also have different admission criteria.