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University of Wisconsin Platteville diploma, UW–Platteville certificate,
University of Wisconsin Platteville diploma, UW–Platteville certificate,

Steps to order a fake University of Wisconsin Platteville diploma, make a UW–Platteville certificate, order fake certificate. University of Wisconsin–Platteville (UW–Platteville or UW Platt) is a public university in Platteville, Wisconsin. Part of the University of Wisconsin System, it offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The university has three colleges that serve over 8,000 students on-campus and an additional 3,000 students through its five distance education programs.

The university grew from the 1959 merger of two schools: Wisconsin State College, Platteville, and the Wisconsin Institute of Technology. WSC–Platteville was founded in 1866 as Platteville Normal School, the first teacher preparation school in Wisconsin. It was renamed Platteville State Teachers College in 1926 and Wisconsin State College, Platteville in 1951.

The Wisconsin Institute of Technology, founded in 1907 as the Wisconsin Mining Trade School, was founded to train technicians for the numerous mining operations around Platteville. It evolved into the first three-year program for mining engineers in the United States. It changed its name to the Wisconsin Institute of Technology in 1939. The merged school took the name Wisconsin State College and Institute of Technology. In 1966, along with Wisconsin’s other state colleges, it was granted university status as Wisconsin State University–Platteville. It took its current name after the Wisconsin State University system merged with the University of Wisconsin in 1971.

Platteville Normal School, from the 1885 edition of the Wisconsin Blue Book
Starting in the late 1960s, the University of Wisconsin–Platteville expanded its academic program and established new colleges, the largest being a business college. The mining college was transformed into an engineering college encompassing mining, electrical, mechanical, and eventually electronic engineering. In the late 1980s, the mining engineering degree was phased out because of falling enrollment. By that time it had been overshadowed by the other engineering degrees.