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Steps to order fake University of Washington diploma, buy UW certificate, University of Washington professional development certificate. From one-day seminars to certificate and degree programs, the University of Washington offers a broad range of opportunities for professional development and continuing education. Disciplines for continuing education include business management, communication, engineering, technology and much more. UW professional and continuing education classes are designed to meet the needs of busy, working professionals. Most meet just one evening a week, with programs at our Seattle campus as well as downtown Seattle, Bellevue and Bothell locations. Plus, many of our programs are 100 percent online or a blend of online and classroom instruction, giving you maximum flexibility.

Learn how to lead organizations and manage people in this course on leadership and management. The course focuses on the practical leadership and management skills required for working in complex local, regional, national and global health environments. By the end of this course, you will develop a clear sense of the issues and challenges associated with leading organizations and managing people. Personal leadership development and practical management skills are both emphasized.

The course is most useful for health care professionals and public health specialists who have some experience in management and who wish to enhance their skills working with people and other organizational resources. Most case studies, readings, and assignments assume an existing knowledge of the health care system, labor law, and funding landscape in your country. Participants will get the most out of this course if they can apply the concepts and strategies immediately to a work setting, including being in a position to lead meetings, facilitating team development, communicating on behalf of the organization, managing conflicts, analyzing and monitoring management data, supervising and delegating work, and managing some aspects of complex project implementation. The course is less well suited to individuals in entry-level positions in the workforce.