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Steps to order a fake Sam Houston State University diploma, buy Sam Houston State University degree, fake SHSU certificate. Sam Houston State University, originally Sam Houston Normal Institute, was established by the Sixteenth Texas Legislature, named for Sam Houston, and located at Huntsville in Walker County at the site formerly occupied by Austin College. The first tax-supported, teacher-training institution in Texas, it became the model for others founded later. The opening of the school was due at least in part to a special agent of the George Peabody Fund who came to Texas in the winter of 1878–79 to offer the state financial aid in establishing such an institution.

The law establishing the institute provided that two students from each senatorial district and six from the state at large should be admitted upon competitive examination as “state students,” whose tuition, board, lodging, and laundry would be paid by the state. These state students obligated themselves to teach in the public schools of their respective districts for as many years as they received such aid.

This policy was discontinued in 1910. The school opened on October 10, 1879, under the principalship of Bernard Mallon. During the early years the courses of study emphasized professional subjects and methods of teaching. In 1909 manual training, vocational agriculture, and home economics were added to the curriculum. In 1911 the course of study was expanded to four years, the last two years’ work being of college level to give the institution junior college status.