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Northeastern University offers English as a second language (ESL) and academic preparation programs for international students who intend to apply to an undergraduate or graduate degree program at a US-based university through the College of Professional Studies. How much to buy a fake Northeastern University diploma, buy a Northeastern University degree, get fake Northeastern University certificate, buy US diploma.
The American Classroom Program is an innovative transitional experience for international students who are looking for advanced English language preparation and an introduction to the American education system and college culture. This program is an excellent start to students' American university studies and provides a comprehensive academic and cultural experience designed to help students succeed at Northeastern University and improve their English language skills.
Global Student Success (GSS) supports the development and needs of international students at Northeastern University and promotes internationalization across the institution. The university offers cross-cultural, linguistic, and academic support services both on-campus and online. The university also partners with faculty members, staff members, and administrators to integrate global dimensions and cross-cultural understanding into the Northeastern experience.