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Student life at Irvine Valley College is very dynamic with over 20 social clubs available for students to join. There are active chapters of academic honors organizations for community college students including Phi Theta Kappa and Psi Beta. In addition, there are dance and theater programs, art exhibits and special events that happen year round on the campus. Irvine Valley College also has a very active athletic program with state and national championship titles in both men and women’s sports. How to make false Irvine Valley College degree, buy Irvine Valley College diploma, buy fake college diploma, fake California university diploma.
Irvine Valley College offers many student services including a comprehensive library, computer center, tutoring center, math and language labs, health center, performing arts center and dining hall.
International students at Irvine Valley College enjoy personalized attention and support through our dedicated International Student Center. The Center offers advising and academic counseling services that are tailored for our international students. The Center also offers workshops on a variety of topics and social events throughout the semester that will allow you to learn important information and have fun with other international students.  Housing options are abundant in our community and students easily find local off-campus apartments or host family accommodations.
Irvine Valley College admits international students in the fall, spring and summer semesters. Compare tuition!  Tuition rates at Irvine Valley College are low compared to the UC or CSU system offering international students a great way to save money while pursuing a university degree. In order to apply, students need to complete the International Student Application, submit financial documentation, proof of high school graduation and English proficiency results which include 52 iBT TOEFL, 4.5 IELTS, 4.5 iTEP and EIKEN 2. Irvine Valley College also offers admission to international students who have completed specific levels of study at our partner intensive ESL schools.