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Where to order University of Maryland University College diploma, fake UMUC diploma, buy UMGC diploma, buy fake diploma. UMUC has been a global institution for 70 years, first sending faculty to teach U.S. troops stationed in postwar Europe in 1949 and from there around the world. The university began in 1947 as a unit within the College of Education at the University of Maryland in College Park, and its mission was to serve adult students for whom an education, delivered on a traditional campus, was impractical or impossible. Many of our first students were Marylanders returning to civilian life after serving in World War II; others were active duty military personnel serving at the Pentagon.

The name University College — adopted in 1959 — was borrowed from British usage to describe a college that carries all of a university’s courses and programs beyond the institution’s walls and outside typical class times. It became a separate and independent state university in 1970, incorporated as University of Maryland University College.

Today, our mission remains unchanged. Our faculty — many of whom are scholar-practitioners who work in the fields in which they teach — lead classes at education centers across Maryland and on military installations in 20 countries.

A tradition of innovation is as much a part of our DNA as is service to adult students in the workforce and the military, and we leverage technology to improve efficiency and further expand our reach. We have offered instruction by radio and closed-circuit television — in the 1980s, we even experimented with offering classes via voicemail — and in the 1990s, we were among the first to offer entire academic programs via the World Wide Web.

As Maryland’s only open-access, four-year public university, the technology revolution has allowed us to dramatically increase our reach. Because we do not have the expenses associated with a traditional brick-and-mortar campus, we are able to scale up to accommodate large numbers of students, all while offering the second lowest tuition and fees among four-year universities in the state.