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Where to buy fake Lone Star College diploma, phony Lone Star College associate degree, order fake associate degree. The Lone Star College System is a two-year community college network in metropolitan Houston that’s publicly funded and is the largest institution of higher education in the area. In addition to this distinction, the Lone Star College System is also the fastest-growing community college network in the state of Texas, and a member of the Service Members Opportunity Colleges Consortium.

Created in 1972 and opened in 1973 by voters in the Aldine, Spring and Humble school districts and dubbed North Harris County College, the 1991 expansion allowing coverage of nearby Montgomery County led to the adoption of the new name North Harris Montgomery Community College District. With a subsequent expansion taking the system’s coverage area outside of northern Harris and Montgomery Counties, the Board of Trustees came to the decision that the current name no longer defined the service area accurately, was too long and difficult to remember. As a result, the name change process began during the first to semester of the 2007 to 2008 school year, instituting an online voting system.

The Lone Star College System name was chosen by the voters, with an official approval from the Board of Trustees effectively renaming the district in November of 2007. A 2009 purchase of the Hewlett Packard North campus created an additional 1,200,000 square feet of space, which was intended to serve as a satellite campus, a Corporate College conference and training facility and a systems administration and support space in eight primary buildings, along with various parking garages and support infrastructure.

Due to the lack of a dedicated sports team for all of the seven campuses and university centers, the Lone Star College System does not have a set of team colors, as such. However, the blue and white “Star of Tomorrow” logo does serve as a visual representation of the system.

The collection of campuses and university centers that make up the Lone Star College System do not have a dedicated Alma Mater, and have no need for a fight song due to a lack of major athletic teams that compete on a national collegiate level.

While the Lone Star College System has no consolidated sports team that would require a mascot for athletic events, heavy planning went into the redesigning of the system’s logo, which they’ve dubbed “The Star of Tomorrow.” According to the Lone Star College System’s Branding and Style Guide, “The Star of Tomorrow symbolizes the many facets that make Lone Star Colleges truly unique sources of opportunity for our community.