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How to make fake Guilford College diploma, order fake Guilford College certificate, buy college diploma. Originally founded in 1837 as a Quaker boarding school, Guilford College is now a small liberal arts school located in Greensboro, NC. In the fall of 2019, Guilford will start its Edge curriculum, organized around four pillars: learning collaboratively, guided discovery, ethical leadership and rallying campus spirit.

Additionally, the school will move to three-week and 12-week sessions in both the fall and spring semesters. With more than 50 student clubs and organizations on campus, students at Guilford can participate in anything from Underwater Basket Weaving to Quidditch Club. Guilford’s art gallery houses more than 1,500 works, including pieces by Rembrandt, Picasso and Dali. The college’s Bryan lecture series has brought several high-profile speakers to campus, such as journalist Anderson Cooper and former president Bill Clinton.

Guilford College is the only Quaker-founded college in the southeastern United States. Opening in 1837 as New Garden Boarding School, the institution became a four-year liberal arts college under its current name, Guilford College, in 1888. Levi Coffin, a well-known abolitionist, Quaker, and political dissenter grew up on the land, which is now considered a historical site. The woods of New Garden, which still exist on campus today, were used as a meeting point for the Underground Railroad in the 19th century, run by Coffin.