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The Otis L. Floyd-Joseph A. Payne Campus Center at Tennessee State University was completed in 1992 and named in honor of two men who contributed to the university s increased recognition. The late Otis L. Floyd served as the 5th president of TSU and Joseph A. Payne was TSU s dean of students from 1958 until 1972. How to get a fake East Tennessee State University degree, buy East Tennessee State University diploma, fake ETSU certificate, order a fake diploma in Tennessee.
Opened in 1912, Tennessee State University (TSU) has become one of Tennessee’s most recognized public higher education institutions, both nationally and internationally. Its athletes, including Ralph Boston, Wyomia Tyus, and Wilma G. Rudolph, have won twenty-nine medals in the Olympic Games. The university’s most famous graduate, Oprah Winfrey, became America’s highest paid entertainer and television personality during the 1990s. By 1996 seven TSU buildings had been placed on the National Register of Historic Places as a historic district–the first of Tennessee’s public colleges and universities so designated.
As the twentieth century began, Tennessee remained the only state with legal segregation that did not have a public college for its African American citizens. In 1907, after learning that the general assembly planned to authorize publicly supported normal schools, Nashville’s African American leaders demanded the inclusion of a school for blacks. In 1909 the legislature authorized a normal school in each grand division and another school for the state’s 472,987 African Americans. Benjamin Carr, Preston Taylor, and other African American leaders in Nashville formed the Colored Agricultural and Industrial Normal Association and launched a campaign to locate the school in Davidson County. Taylor, Carr, Henry Allen Boyd, James C. Napier, T. Clay Moore, W. S. Ellington, and others appeared before several legislative sessions, the Davidson County government, and the governor.