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How to get a fake Amarillo College diploma, order fake Amarillo College associate degree, order fake associate degree. Amarillo College (AC) is a public community college in Amarillo, Texas. It enrolls over 9,100 students and was established in 1929 as Amarillo Junior College. Amarillo College has a total of six campuses as of August 2023.

Prior to 1929, Amarillo was the largest Texas city without a public college. George Ordway and James Guleke helped to introduce a house bill that would establish junior college districts in the Amarillo area. On July 16, 1929, Amarillo College (AC) became the first Texas junior college district to be organized independent of a school district. The first classes were held later that year in September with a total of 86 students in its first class. The college moved to its main campus on Washington Street in 1937 in what is now known as Ordway Hall.

During the time of the World Wars it seemed as though everything would be affected, and Amarillo College was no exception. Throughout the first half of the 1940s Amarillo College’s Defense School and other classes trained for wartime building efforts. In 1942 the President of the college, Dr. Mead, was commissioned to the Army and forced to take a leave of absence to help in the war.

In 1951, Amarillo College became one of the first three publicly supported Texas college to have racially integrated undergraduate classes, and in 1953 AC had its first African American graduate. The other colleges to admit African Americans at the time were Texas Southmost College in Brownsville and Howard County Junior College in Big Spring.