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Charleston Southern University fake diploma, Charleston Southern University certificate,

How to make Charleston Southern University fake diploma, buy a fake Charleston Southern University certificate, buy fake diploma South Carolina. Formerly known as Baptist College, Charleston Southern University is based in the town of North Charleston, South Carolina. The institution remains affiliated with the Southern Baptist denomination.

CSU offers over six educational programmes at graduate and undergraduate level. A notable alumni from the political science bachelor’s programme is Tim Scott, the first African American to be elected to both the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.

Graduate programmes offered at CSU campus include the Master of Athletic Training, which concludes with an exam to be a certified trainer upon passing. The master of arts in Christian Studies is offered online, and comprises of 36 hours of teaching designed to imbue a student with an understanding and appreciation of scripture, theology and Church history.

CSU athletics teams are known as the Buccaneers, and compete in fifteen sports across men’s and women’s divisions. The men’s American football team plays in the NCAA Division I Football Championship, and has an ongoing rivalry with the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers.

The Whitfield Resource Centre is based within the CSU library, and is designed to galvanise Christian values of leadership for its dedicated students. The Careers Centre offers internship opportunities for students wishing to gain experience in a professional environment prior to graduation. Subject to GPA, students can take part in the 120 hours minimum APPLE Programme offered by the Centre.

For those wishing to join a Greek letter organisation, there are six sororities and four fraternities based at the university.