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WSET Level 3 diploma,
WSET Level 3 diploma,

How to obtain WSET Level 3 diploma, buy fake diploma in wine, order fake WSET diploma. WSET Level 3 is an intense 10-week wine course that dives into many elements of wines of the world.

As we’ve talked about WSET courses many times on this site, in this one we wanted to turn our attention to the exams specifically. Unlike the exams for WSET Level 1 and WSET Level 2, which have multiple-choice sections only, WSET Level 3 consists of a tasting exam and essay portion as well.

The WSET Level 3 tasting exam is relatively straight-forward. You are given 30 minutes to evaluate two wines, one white and one red, and you must do so while using WSET’s systematic approach to tasting (SAT) lexicon. The wines are served blind and you are not allowed to have your SAT tasting sheet with you.

At the time of my exam, this section was split up into 20 points for white and 21 points for red and you needed to get 55% correct to pass (cumulative).

So, for each wine, you’ll need to correctly identify its appearance (intensity and color), nose (intensity, characteristics, and development), palate (sweetness, acidity, tannin for red wine only, alcohol, body, flavor intensity, flavor characteristics, and finish- I remember these as SATAB FFF), as well as conclusion statements of quality on the BICL scale (balance, intensity, complexity, length) and suitability for aging.

Our instructor said we would not be tested with sparkling wine, so categories like mousse are not needed for this section (but could be present in the multiple-choice or essay components!). Likewise, some categories like clarity, other observations, and nose condition were not evaluated in the exam. As exam structure can change from year-to-year, you may want to verify this to be 100% sure as things could change from when I took Level 3, but this is a good start.