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The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) was established in 1889. They have the authority of the four leading music conservatoires in the UK and maintain strong links with these. Costs to order fake ABRSM diploma, buy ABRSM certificate, buy ABRSM license online, get fake music diploma.
They are one of the leading exam boards for examinations in music and operate in over 90 countries worldwide.  They also provide music publications and teaching qualifications.
BISS Puxi is a registered public centre for ABRSM practical exams. This means that anyone from around the world at any age can sit a practical exam here.  It is administered as a separate but additional entity to the regular music programmes that the school offers. 
What is involved in an exam?
There are two types of exam: practical and theory
Practical Exams 
A practical exam means that you play an exam on an instrument or voice. There are four sections to the exam. 
Theory Exams 
A theory exam means that you are tested on your written musical knowledge. They generally last about 1 ½ hours and are on a set date three times a year.