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One of ABCD's major roles has been the understanding of the current and changing role of the physician with an interest in diabetes and endocrinology in the district general hospital setting and how this can best change with the dynamics of acute medicine, hospital wide inpatient diabetes care, service reconfigurations and the creation of foundation trusts, and integrated diabetes care, with specialists providing support to primary care colleagues. How to order a fake endocrinology and diabetes certificate, buy fake RCP(UK) certificate, order fake ABCD certificate, order fake medical certificate.
ABCD has been fortunate to meet with colleagues from more established specialist societies from whom the organisation has learnt a great deal about advancing key objectives working closely alongside the RCP, especially in rolling out specialist revalidation. Successful diabetes care is all about teamwork. ABCD will take these principles forward in working with the RCP, other medical specialist societies and, vitally, colleagues in community and primary care.
The next decade of financial austerity within the NHS will compel us all to have a more imaginative and sometimes radical approach to how best to bring our skills as physicians into different areas of practice. However, in line with many other organisations, ABCD supports the view that cost- and clinically-effective care is best served within the NHS, minimising the risk of fragmented care, which is clearly inappropriate for the increasing number of people living with a variety of ‘chronic diseases’.