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In a world grappling with a climate emergency, the University of Witwatersand (Wits) in Johannesburg, South Africa is leading the way with vital, high-impact research and education. Where to purchase a fake University of the Witwatersrand diploma, get a fake University of the Witwatersrand degree, replica University of the Witwatersrand certificate, replica South Africa diploma.
According to Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Research and Postgraduate Affairs Professor Zeblon Vilakazi, the University aims to develop critical thinkers who are cognisant of the effects of climate change and who can tackle the emergency with fervour.
“We have an opportunity to provide our communities with graduates who have the knowledge and skills necessary to transform society and to live as responsible local and global citizens,” says Vilakazi.
Two senior academics from the University of the Witwatersrand’s Global Change Institute (GCI) played leading roles in the writing and editing of the new Our Future on Earth report which was published by the International Science Council (ISC), in association with global science organisations such as the United Nations (UN).
Throughout the report, the authors tackle the difficulties and challenges that society is facing on Earth, including climate, political economy, the deep ocean, forced migration, fake news, biodiversity, food and transformation.
According to Wits climatologist Professor Coleen Vogel, who co-authored an article in the report, these global challenges will force us to rethink how we consider, design and construct our livelihoods, the meaning of work and our economic future.
Wits researchers are also helping to tackle the global issue of e-waste in a bid to create a circular economy where everything that is used can be recycled, reused and repurposed into new products.