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University of Maribor diploma, Univerza v Mariboru certificate,
University of Maribor diploma, Univerza v Mariboru certificate,

How to make fake University of Maribor diploma, replica Univerza v Mariboru certificate, make a fake Slovenia diploma certificate. The University of Maribor is the second biggest and the second oldest university in Slovenia. It has 17 faculties that offer undergraduate and postgraduate study programmes. The University of Maribor is a regional developer and our faculties are located not only in the city of Maribor, but also in other parts of Slovenia. The university encourages student and staff mobility and active participation in international associations, networks and projects, and at the same time it promotes and protects Slovenian language, national identity, heritage and culture.

The university aims to promote partnerships with businesses, governmental and non-governmental and other institutions in society to enrich university teaching, research and creative activity; prepare educated, engaged citizens; strengthen democratic and ethical values, and civic responsibility; address critical societal issues; respect ecological and environmental issues; promote sustainability in development; and contribute to the public good.

University of Maribor’s primary campus is located in the city of Maribor, Slovenia with satellite campuses in Ljubljana, Kranj, Krsko, Celje, and Brezice. The university offers various leisure, sports, recreational, and shopping services to its students.

The University of Maribor has a dedicated career development centre assisting students with CVs and finding employment after studies. The university halls of residence comprise of 2867 beds in different 15 facilities at five different locations. Other facilities include study rooms, cyber classrooms, free internet access, laundry rooms, sports facilities, fitness centres, outdoor playing fields, gyms, table tennis rooms, indoor swimming pools, study and multimedia rooms and facilities for extra-curricular activities.