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Universidad de Jaén título, University of Jaén diploma,
Universidad de Jaén título, University of Jaén diploma,

How to order fake Universidad de Jaén título, buy fake University of Jaén diploma, buy fake diploma in Spain. Established in 1993, the University of Jaén is a public institution based in Andalucia, Spain. Its history goes back to the 14th century.

The University of Jaén offers over 40 degrees in Humanities and Education, Experimental Sciences, Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Law, and Engineering. They are taught in both English and Spanish. Over 60 exchange programmes are available for students who want to experience another university or culture. The institution also has links with the industry, offering internships in more than 500 companies.

The university has a library with over 480,000 digital publications. Its main campus is based in Jaen. Its two other satellite campuses are located in the smaller cities of Linares and Ubeda – a Renaissance jewel.

Jaen, situated in south-central Spain, is a city of just under 120,000. Its history goes back to the Moorish period, which left the city the largest Arab baths in Spain. Its impressive architecture also includes the 13th century Saint Catherine’s Castle, 16th century Jaen Cathedral, the Museum of Arts and Popular Customs. In October, Jaen hosts its biggest festivity which involves dancing and traditional gastronomy. The Lagarto Rock Festival, Ciclos de Rock and the International Piano Competition Premio Jaen further animate the city.