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The University of Tours (French: Université de Tours), formally François Rabelais University (Université de François-Rabelais), is a public university in Tours, France. The university was formerly named after the French writer François Rabelais, and was founded in 1969. As of July 2015 it is a member of the regional university association Leonardo da Vinci consolidated University. How to order fake Université de Tours diploma, buy fake University of Tours degree, order fake Université de François-Rabelais licence, purchase Université de François-Rabelais diploma in France.
Research at the University is at the forefront in the social sciences and humanities in the study of the Renaissance through the Graduate Center of the Renaissance since 1956 and in knowledge of food heritage through a program ambitious research at the Institute of European history and culture of food.
The University of Tours is also distinguished in the field of materials for energy technology research with the Microelectronic at CERTEM in collaboration with ST Microelectronics in 1996. Order fake University of Tours diploma, buy Université de Tours licence.
The research also extends into the field of medical imaging and bio-medicine, oncology, and eminently in the study of autism at the University Hospital of Tours. Geo-science and environment with the study of insects at the Institute for Research on the biology of the insect (IRBI). Since 1969 the CESA, Planning Department today Polytech'Tours research in the field of cities, territories and societies is deemed to France. Finally the University of Tours works in the field of mathematical research through the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics and Mathematics.