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Universitatea Din Bucuresti diploma, fake Romania diploma,

Where to buy fake Universitatea Din Bucuresti diploma, fake Romania diploma, order fake diploma in Romania. The University of Bucharest(Universitatea Din Bucuresti) is a state university in Bucharest and one of the most prestigious higher education institutions in Romania . Founded in 1864 , the University of Bucharest is the second modern university in Romania, after the University of Iasi . Several graduates of the University have established themselves as prominent personalities: professors and researchers at other universities in the world, members of the Romanian Academy and of academies from other countries, writers, politicians (parliamentarians, ministers, prime ministers, presidents), diplomats etc. Some of the University’s faculties are located in the University Palace inUniversity Square .

The University of Bucharest offers numerous study programs, at all levels and forms of university training: 22 short-term programs, over 75 long-term programs, 12 programs in the form of open and distance education, over 120 master’s programs , over 50 doctorate programs, higher postgraduate studies programs, professional reconversion and training programs.

In 2011 , the University of Bucharest was classified in the first category in Romania, that of advanced research and education universities.

The historical background of the University of Bucharest dates back to 1694 , when the Royal Academy of Bucharest was founded . This was a higher school, with ancient Greek as the language of instruction , founded in 1694 by Mr. Constantin Brâncoveanu ( 1688 – 1714 ), in the buildings of the “Saint Sava” Monastery. The philosophical education was done according to the courses of Teophilos Korydalleus . Reorganized during the reign of Alexandru Ipsilanti, the Royal Greek Academy in Bucharest became an important center of Greek culture. In the process of developing national consciousness and culture, and with the beginning of the struggle for an education with the Romanian language of instruction , the Royal Academy of Bucharest was disbanded, but in 1818 , the first higher educational institution in the Romanian language was opened in its building , under the direction of Gheorghe Lazar.