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UEFA Coaching Convention diploma
UEFA Coaching Convention diploma

The UEFA Coaching Convention is the starting point for all coach education developments through the European governing body. This document outlines the national associations’ duties when it comes to delivering their coach education programmes, and applies to core (C, B, A and Pro) and specialist (goalkeeping, elite youth, futsal) coaching diplomas, where to buy a UEFA Coaching Convention diploma, replica UEFA A diploma, buy a coaching certificate.

Recently, UEFA approved a proposal to roll out specialist fitness coaching diplomas at B and A level – and this will hopefully spearhead a move to truly professionalise the role of fitness coach. The medium-to-long-term goal of this project is to create a sort of ‘European passport’ for practitioners while giving employers a clear indication of the level of knowledge and skills possessed by potential employees.

Previously there were no formal standardised requirements for those wanting to work as a fitness coach in European football. This meant that anybody could be employed by a club to work in this important role without any academic or practical qualifications, or even experience. This situation was not only undesirable, but also potentially dangerous. It also set the fitness profession out of sync with other supporting functions in the game (e.g. physiotherapists, doctors) for which qualifications were required.