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How to order fake Diplomã de licentã, buy a fake Romania university diploma, order fake degree Romania. Romania has had a democratic government since the fall of communism in 1989.
The parliament has the legislative power and consists of 2 houses. The head of state is the president, and Romania is divided into 41 districts.

Romania has large minorities (Hungarians and Roma) and smaller minorities, such as Germans and Serbians. Recognised minorities can all receive education in their native language.

Political responsibility for the education system lies with the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research.

During the communist era (1946-1989), the primary focus was on the country’s economic development. The education system focused on technical programmes and subjects that supported the communist ideology. Institutes were very specialised, and private education was forbidden.

Public education in Romania is free. There are also private schools with specific teaching philosophies or a different language of instruction (such as English or French).

Students aged 11-15 complete the lower secondary years (?nv???mant gimnazial, often translated as ‘middle education’) at a gimnaziu. All students take the same programme, however some schools offer programmes with special language or IT profiles. Students who pass the final lower-secondary exam are awarded the Certificat de Capacitate (with an accompanying list of subjects and marks).