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Hogeschool Rotterdam getuigschrift, Hogeschool Rotterdam certificate,

Where to get fake Hogeschool Rotterdam getuigschrift, order fake Hogeschool Rotterdam certificate, order fake hogeschool diploma. Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences is spread over various locations, namely: Main location (Museumpark): The main location of the university is a building complex that consists of two parts: the high-rise, where the actual main entrance is located opposite Dijkzigt metro station , and the low-rise, where the formal main entrance is located, at the Museumpark . The complex was the headquarters of the food manufacturer Unilever until the move to Weena in 1993. Many traces of this can still be found, especially in the low-rise buildings. Well-known is the stairwell that was designed by Gispen in 1930 .

Other locations in Rotterdam in alphabetical order

Location Academieplein: the location on the Academieplein is the old building of the HTS. Initially this school was called: Academy of Visual Arts and Technical Sciences , later it was split into the HTS and the Art Academy. The engineering courses of the current HTS and HLO are partly provided at this location.

Location Blaak: The Willem de Kooning Academy is located here, which is located on the Blaak , opposite the underground train and metro station Blaak on the corner with the André van der Louwbrug , not far from the White House and the Oude Haven . The Blaak location is connected to the Wijnhaven 61 location by a footbridge at the rear.

Location Kralingse Zoom: The former Higher Economic School (HES) is located at Kralingse Zoom 91. As the name suggests, mainly (business) economic studies are given here. The university of applied sciences objected to the older naming (Hogeschool for Economic Studies), which is why the name Hogere Economie Studies was coined, as the abbreviation HES still has a good reputation. Since the building is located on the Woudestein site of the Erasmus University , the address “Kralingse Zoom 91” was emphatically printed on the facade.

Location Lloydstraat: part of the Shipping and Transport College (STC)
Location Max Euwelaan: all sports marketing-related studies are housed in this building. The location is opposite the HES/Kralingse Zoom 91 building. At this location, all classrooms are named after top athletes such as Inge de Bruijn and Franciscio Elson .