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Where to purchase fake University of Malta diploma, order fake University of Malta degree, order fake Malta degree, buy Malta certificate. The University of Malta (in English University of Malta , in Maltese L-Università ta ‘Malta, in Latin Universitas Melitensis ) is the most important public educational institution in the Republic of Malta and is based in Msida. He is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities.

The university originates from the Collegium Melitense founded by the Jesuit Order in 1592, when Malta was a vassal of the Kingdom of Sicily. The Grand Master Manuel Pinto de Fonseca took over the college in 1769, elevating it to the rank of University and entrusting its organization, in 1771, to Roberto Costaguti, an Italian theologian, friar of the Order of the Servants of Mary, who arranged for the first constitutions of the University.

During the brief Napoleonic occupation that began in 1798 , the university was called école Polytechnique. The previous denomination was re-established in conjunction with the arrival of the British in 1800. In 1938 it received the title of royal from King George VI, becoming The Royal University of Malta. The adjective was removed in 1974, when Malta became a republic.

Until 1936 the teaching took place in Italian, from 1936 to 1964 only in English , and from 1964 both in English and in Maltese. Currently, there is an Italian language course in the university.

The former seat of the university was on St. Pauls Street in Valletta, while today it is on University Ring Road in Msida; the medical school is located in the former St Luke’s Hospital in Guardamangia, a hamlet of Pietà.

From 1999 to 2011 he had a filiation in Rome which is the current Link Campus University. The university has hosted the facilities of the International Maritime Law Institute (an autonomous university institute established on the initiative of the International Maritime Organization in collaboration with the Maltese government) at its Msida campus since 1988.