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How can I order fake DELF B1 certificate online

DELF B1 certificate, DELF B1 diplome,
DELF B1 certificate, DELF B1 diplome,

How can I order fake DELF B1 certificate, buy DELF B1 diplome, make fake French diploma, buy fake Language diploma. Having a DELF B1 certification is extremely valuable for many reasons. If you already live in a French speaking country, or work within a French company, it will help you understand and communicate better with the people around you.

If you are looking to apply for a French residency card (Carte de Résident), if you already have a B1 certification, you will not need to worry about passing any kind of test, as an A2 level in French is required for a 10 years residency card.

Also, having a B1 level in French will open many doors, career or study opportunities.

According the the Common European Framework, B1 learners will be able to understand and exchange in a discussion related to familiar things (work, school, leisure…). It also means the learner is autonomous if they have to travel in a country or region where French is spoken. They should also be capable of recounting an event, presenting an idea or developing explanations for a project. Level B1 is the first level of independent user.

Each of these elements is scored out of 25 points, so the four of them represent a total of 100 points. To pass the exam, you must score a total of at least 50/100. However, if one of the four marks is less than 5/25, then it is eliminatory.

Note: the composition of certain tests, may change from time to time, so be sure to regularly check updates.

At the DELF B1 level, you are a candidate who is already more comfortable with the language. Your level is described as “independent”. You can manage in everyday situations. You can also give your opinion, understand a discussion, or interact with other people.