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The Canadian University Dubai has a new location at City Walk in the heart of downtown Dubai. The university now offers hi-tech classrooms, an incubator lab and innovative subject specific labs, with a primary focus on entrepreneurship, research and a non-conventional approach to teaching and learning. Cost to make a fake Canadian University Dubai diploma, buy fake CUD degree, buy Dubai university diploma.
A wide range of laboratories and research facilities are among the new amenities. Students will benefit from flexible and innovative approaches to teaching and learning.
Canadian University Dubai (CUD) is the first licensed Canadian university outside of Canada. CUD offers an education based on the Canadian curriculum, giving students an internationally recognized degree. Students can start their degree with CUD and transfer to one of their partner universities in Canada to graduate. Studying at CUD provides a gateway for students to pursue higher education, research, and employment opportunities in Canada and around the world.
CUD is licensed by the UAE Ministry of Education, accredited by the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA), holds program accreditations such as, PSRA and IAA, and leading industry certifications such as CIMA, CFA, ACCA.