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buy India University Annamalai University official transcript. The Directorate of Distance Education also offers programmes in Fashion Design, Textile Design, Interior Design, Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Retail Management, Twinning, Health Science, a Commonwealth Youth Programme, Yoga, Music, Fire and Safety, Pharmaceutical and Taxation. The University Grants Commission (India) (UGC) cancelled the recognition of the DDE courses in 2015. Annamalai authorities approached the Madras high court which has as of now stayed the UGC's cancellation order. As of Dec 2015 the matter is still pending in Madras High Court. The Directorate introduced a B.Ed. Programme through distance education in 2008-09 with the approval of National Council for Teacher Education, New Delhi. How to make degree certificate? make fake Annamalai University certificate, buy fake india university transcript, make fake Annamalai University transcript, buy a fake Annamalai University diploma, make a fake Annamalai University diploma in India, The National Assessment and Accreditation Council has accredited Annamalai University with a grade of A' in 2014.In 2006, buy Annamalai University transcript, how to order Annamalai University official transcript.  Annamalai University opened its first Study Center in Toronto, Canada, offering programs in Music, Dance, Tamil and Yoga. Other overseas centres include the Al Mihad Institute, Dubai , OUR international (Dhafir Institute) Abu Dhabi and the Al Hilal Education Centre, Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates as well as the Al Noor Education Centre in Muscat, Oman.