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UCSI University's campuses are purpose-built to provide students with all the facilities they need for learning and recreation. Apart from being fully wireless, the University also adopts the latest cutting-edge technology in e-learning and e-resources, and is also home to a number of specialised laboratories. The University also houses recreational facilities such as restaurants, squash courts, badminton courts, a football field, a gymnasium, volleyball courts, basketball courts, a futsal court and a swimming pool. How to make a fake UCSI University transcript, order fake UCSI transcript, buy UCSI University certificate, fake Malaysian university transcript.
UCSI is also expanding its operational space by around 1mil square feet through the construction of two new academic blocks at UCSI’s main campus in Kuala Lumpur. The new blocks will house state-of-the-art science labs, distinctive lecture theatres, commercial areas and a multi-level parking facility, among others. Additionally, UCSI is building Malaysia’s first private teaching hospital in Springhill, Negeri Sembilan, which will house 1,000 beds when fully expanded.
In conjunction with its 30th anniversary, UCSI is offering up to RM30million in scholarships and grants in 2016. This goes far in reinforcing the University’s mission to enhance access to higher education for deserving students, regardless of circumstance or family background. Thousands of students have benefited from UCSI’s generous financial support from day one. Many have gone on to achieve great things in life and the University is gratified to help them fulfil their potential.