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Multimedia University transcript, MMU transcript,

Multimedia University was set up by Telekom Malaysia Berhad to provide qualified human capital for this new economy, and was officially launched by the then Malaysian Prime Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamed on 9th July 1999. Where to order fake Multimedia University transcript, buy fake MMU transcript, order fake university transcript.

MMU is an institution highly regarded for its innovative approaches to education, as well as for its exceptional emphasis on knowledge creation and management via R&D. Currently, MMU is offering courses in the areas of Creative Multimedia, Engineering, Information Technology, Management, Law, Accounting, Business Studies, Economics, Finance, and Bio-Medical Sciences.

MMU is one of the first universities in Malaysia to offer undergraduate courses in nanotechnology, which is set to revolutionize the manufacturing and processing industries. And, as our graduates have demonstrated, MMU is also particularly strong in developing creative content and animations.

Currently, MMU has a population exceeding 22,000 students, 4,700 of which come from 80 countries. Furthermore, 22,840 graduates have been produced from MMU’s 10 convocations, and recent studies show that 96% of MMU graduates secure employment within six months of completing their studies.