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Steps to buy fake Hochschule Neubrandenburg urkunde, phony Hochschule Neubrandenburg certificate, phony Germany certificate. The faculty of social work and education at Hochschule Neubrandenburg (Germany) has two laboratories with professional Video-Over-IP installations.

The larger room (small group laboratory / SGL) is used for recording and analysis of group dynamic experiments. The smaller unit (consulting laboratory / CL) is mainly used for documentation and analysis of consulting interviews.The survey data is used for research purposes (i.e. effectiveness of consultant variables) and is also an important part of courses within the scope of basic and advanced training. Due to the type of data and the fact that the CL is used by many different groups, the IPTV solution must meet the highest standards of data security.

Critical for the success of video supported training users should be able to join the process of analysis quick and easy. This requirement is addressed by the ICUE media server solution. E.g. it is possible for the instructor, as well as for all students, to stop the playback with a ?mouse click“, or repeat a sequence.Ease-of-use of recording and playback functions as well as analysis of recorded content in the ICUE media server was another important requirement. Video playback had to be possible with a remote control to achieve a smooth workflow.

Live signals are provided over SDI by high quality cameras. Teracues ENC-300-HDSDI-PORTABLE encodse these uncompressed video signals and ingests them into the network. The ICUE media server records the signals and is managed by the ICUE-PLAYER software client.

The ICUE media server gets the streams from the network and records them. Using the integrated user, content and rights management it is exactly specified who can view, edit and delete recordings. Thus it is secured that only authorized persons with appropriate rights get access to the recorded material.