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Where can i get fake Hochschule Fresenius urkunde, make a fake Hochschule Fresenius diploma, make a fake urkunde certificate. Hochschule Fresenius is a private, state – recognized university of applied sciences accredited by the Science Council. It is divided into five departments: Business & Media, Health & Social Affairs, Chemistry & Biology, Design and Onlineplus.

The university goes back to the Fresenius chemical laboratory founded in 1848 by Carl Remigius Fresenius and the associated laboratory school. In 1931, the Fresenius School of Chemistry received state recognition for the training of chemical technicians . In 1962, the chemistry school and research laboratory were separated and the chemical engineer training was supplemented by an engineering degree. Three years later, the chemistry school was upgraded to an engineering school. In 1971 it was officially recognized as a Fresenius University of Applied Sciences with a degree in chemical engineering.

In 1995 the university moved from Wiesbaden to Idstein . In 1997, the vocational school for speech therapy in Darmstadt was taken over , which has been based in Frankfurt am Main since 2010 . In addition to the originally single chemistry department, the Economics & Media and Health & Social Affairs departments were added in 1998. The university was renamed Europa Fachhochschule Fresenius . The Cologne location was founded in 2003, the Zwickau location (which was closed in 2016) in 2004, and the Hamburg and Munich locations in 2008 . In 2008 the name was changed toFresenius University.

A location was opened in Düsseldorf in 2012 . In the same year, the departments were restructured and the school and academy models were introduced. Since then, the courses have been assigned to different schools.

In 2013, the Business & Media department was expanded to include a school and an academy: as an international university branch, the International Business Schools in Cologne and Berlin offer study programs in English only. With the Business Academy Fresenius (BAF), a special training area was set up in Cologne in 2013, the educational programs of which are aimed at smoothing the transition from work to study. Since 2014/15, the Faculty of Business & Media at Hochschule Fresenius has had a study center in Berlin.