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Where to order fake Goethe University Frankfurt degree, make fake Goethe Universität Frankfurt urkunde, make fake Germany urkunde. Goethe University Frankfurt, positioned among the top international research universities, offers a wide variety of academic programmes, a diverse group of research institutes, and a focus on interdisciplinary approaches to solving complex problems. The university is named after Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the Frankfurt-born polymath renowned for his exceptional contributions to literature, science, and philosophy.

On January 1, 2008, the conversion of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University into a foundation university under public law was completed. From June 1, 2008, the university also chose the name Goethe University Frankfurt am Main as the preferred spelling of its name. and adapted the university logo. As a result, the brand identity Goethebe emphasized more. In 2009, the university received more than 10 million euros in grants and donations, around 2 million euros more than in the previous year.

Added to this were the third-party funds raised by the researchers and the university, which amounted to 137.1 million euros at the time and have increased further since then. At the same time, the number of endowed and guest professorships increased. In 2009, the university was to receive the first five of a total of 15 million euros in grants from the city of Frankfurt. Overall, however, the number of (large) donations received in later years did not develop quite as strongly as it had first appeared.

Rudolf Steinberg , who was instrumental in initiating and pushing through the founding of a foundation university, was succeeded in early 2009 after eight and a half years in office as the new President of the University by Werner Müller-Esterl. Birgitta Wolff assumed the presidency of the university on January 1, 2015 , and was succeeded by Enrico Schleiff in 2021.