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Frankfurt University of Applied Science urkunde, Frankfurt UAS diploma,

How to make a fake Frankfurt University of Applied Science urkunde, replica Frankfurt UAS diploma, buy fake Germany diploma. Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest Universities of Applied Sciences in Germany. Currently, around 14,000 students are enrolled in over 50 Bachelor and Master and degree programmes. Based on the university’s mission, the degree programmes have a strong focus on the application and transfer of knowledge into professional practice.

In collaboration with other universities, third cycle education (cooperative doctoral studies) is carried out in all four faculties. Similarly, research activities are focused on transferring knowledge into societal practice. Research at Frankfurt UAS is funded by the State of Hessen, the federal level, the European Union, foundations as well as profit/non-profit organisations. A significant number of projects are carried out in collaboration with and to the benefit of CSOs and small and medium enterprises (SME). The Department of Social Work and Health has successfully established a Competence Centre for Social Intervention Research KomSI). Prof. Michaela Köttig coordinates the center, in which 17 professors from different academic disciplines participate and uses an interdisciplinary mode of research, e.g. integrating social-political, legal, economic and psychological approaches, and the conducted research is characterized by a diversity of methodologies.

Special focus is placed on applied research and participatory approaches. The KomSI aims to develop social intervention research methodologically and theoretically and to strengthen its standing in the scientific community. KomSI investigates social challenges such as poverty, the situation of unemployed, marginalized and homeless persons, migrants and refugees, violence, criminality and radicalization, as well as interventions addressing these problems. It also focuses on three main research areas: (1) the critical research of institutions of social work, (2) research of interactions between social work professionals and clients, and (3) profession research. The Competence Centre cooperates with the university’s newly established Centre for Doctoral Research in Social Work. One of the focus areas of the Competence Centre for Social Intervention Research is to encourage and support junior researchers.