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Fachhochschule Westküste urkunde, FH Westküste diploma,
Fachhochschule Westküste urkunde, FH Westküste diploma,

Where to buy fake Fachhochschule Westküste urkunde, replica FH Westküste diploma, how to make a fake Germany degree. The West Coast University of Applied Sciences (FHW) was opened in 1993 and is the youngest and most modern public university in Schleswig-Holstein. Within a very short time it has established itself as a permanent fixture in the Schleswig-Holstein university landscape. Above all, the comprehensive range of business courses and the “trial model” offered only by the FHW have established the good reputation among students and employers. The range of courses includes a total of 9 bachelor’s and 6 master’s courses.

The West Coast University of Applied Sciences offers a total of 9 bachelor’s and 6 master’s courses in the two departments of business and technology. The choice of courses in the business faculty is particularly large: In addition to the classic business administration , which can also be studied in the “trial model”, four other bachelor’s courses are attractive: business law , business psychology , real estate management and international tourism management (ITM). Consecutive master’s courses are offered for the subjects business psychology and ITM. The technology department offers three bachelor’s degree courses: electrical engineering / information technology, management and technology, environmentally friendly building system technology. There are also three courses leading to a master’s degree: automation technology, microelectronic systems, and green energy.

The West Coast University of Applied Sciences scores with excellent facilities and intensive study support. In addition to modern lecture halls and seminar rooms, students will find sufficient computer workstations in several data processing rooms and video labs. With the new eye-tracking technology, students of economics, especially those studying business psychology and ITM, can research the eye movements of consumers. Due to small groups of up to 15 people on average, students enjoy a familiar, intensive atmosphere in the seminars and other events . ‘People know each other’ at the FHW and even professors and lecturers know their students by name after a short time.