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The University of Bonn was founded almost 200 years ago and is considered to be one of Germany’s and indeed Europe’s most important institutes of higher education. As home of learning to over 35,000 students, we enjoy an outstanding reputation both at home and abroad. The University of Bonn is one of the world’s leading research based Universities and therefore it is no surprise that we operate on an international level. We particularly specialize in the fields of research and teaching and this has led to our evolving into the position of a truly prominent international institution. Buy a fake Universität Bonn urkunde, order Universität Bonn degree, fake University of Bonn diploma, buy a fake German urkunde, 购买波恩大学证书.
The University of Bonn is a research-based University that operates internationally, actively seeks cooperation and sets clear subject priorities. Our academic profile is continually shaped by internationally recognised strengths. And over the forthcoming years, the University of Bonn is committed to further consolidating and enhancing this profile. We intend to achieve this by selectively redefining professorships as they become vacant, pursuing a consistent policy of appointments and further building upon the existing incentives relating to research activity.
The tradition and direction of the University of Bonn are naturally determined by all those who make up the institution – i.e. those who teach, learn and research here.