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EURO-FH urkunde, EURO-FH degree,
EURO-FH urkunde, EURO-FH degree,

Tips to make a fake EURO-FH urkunde, order fake EURO-FH degree certificate, order fake urkunde certificate, buy fake Germany degree. Euro-FH University of Applied Sciences, founded in 2003, is a state-approved, privately sponsored distance learning university seated in Hamburg. It currently has a total of more than 6,000 students. Euro-FH’s educational portfolio ranges from correspondence studies and evening studies at Bachelor’s level, through Master and MBA programs, to university certificate courses and an international cooperative doctoral program.

The scope of correspondence studies at Bachelor’s level includes the study programs “Business Administration“, “Business Administration and Business Psychology“, “Finance & Management“, “IT Management“, “Business Law“, “International Business Administration“, “Psychology“, “Sales and Management“, “Logistics Management“, and “Education and Cultural Management“. The study programs “Business Administration“ and “Business Administration and Business Psychology“ are also offered in the form of extra-occupational evening studies. All Bachelor programs do not require higher education entrance qualification. Offered at Master’s level are the study programs “General Management MBA“, “Business Coaching & Change Management“, “Taxation, Accounting, Finance“, “Marketing MBA“, “Business Psychology“, as well as “Logistics and Supply Management“.

Within the scope of the Master entry program, experienced executives and specialists have the opportunity to qualify for the following study programs without any academic degree: “General Management MBA“, “Marketing MBA“, “Business Psychology“, “Business Coaching & Change Management“, and “Logistics and Supply Chain Management“. The certifcate courses cover the areas of Business & Management, Business Psychology, Marketing & Sales, Law, Logistics, and Languages. The following degrees can be obtained at Euro-FH University of Applied Sciences: B.A., B.Sc., LL.B., M.A., M.Sc., M.Acc., and MBA.