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How long to make a fake DHfPG degree in Germany

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The German University for Prevention and Health Management (DHfPG) is a state-recognized, privately owned university specializing in dual Bachelor and Master courses in the future market of prevention, fitness, sport and health. It was founded in 2002 and builds on the more than 35 years of expertise of its sister company, the BSA Academy, with around 180,000 participants since 1983, one of the leading providers of training in the field of prevention, fitness and health. Where to buy fake DHfPG urkunde, get fake DHfPG degree, order a German University for Prevention and Health Management diploma, order a Germany diploma.
Meanwhile, the German University qualifies over 8,000 students for the “Bachelor of Arts” in the courses of fitness economics, sports economics, fitness training, health management and nutritional advice, for the “Master of Arts” prevention and health management, to the “Master of Business Administration” MBA Sport / Health Management and the “Master of Arts” Sport Economics and the “Master of Arts” Fitness Economics. More than 4,300 companies rely on the courses offered by the industry’s topical guide. This makes the state-recognized German University one of the largest private universities in Germany.
All Bachelor and Master degree programs at the German University are accredited and state recognized. The special dual bachelor’s degree system combines in-company training and distance learning with compact face-to-face phases of just 2-5 days every 4-6 weeks at study centers set up nationwide (Munich, Stuttgart, Saarbrücken, Cologne, Berlin, Leipzig, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Hamburg) as well as in Austria and Switzerland (Zurich). In the master’s degree, distance learning is combined with compact face-to-face phases. The students are supervised by experienced lecturers and supported by the university’s online campus.