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Is it hard to pass British Columbia driver’s license tests?

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The Canadian province of British Columbia makes use of a Graduated License System, which limits risks for beginning drivers. Where can I buy British Columbia Driver’s License, make a fake British Columbia services card, order fake BC ID card, buy fake Canada driver’s licence.

Moreover, you need to partake in a written exam and two (2) road tests to be fully licensed to drive in British Columbia.

Besides, the tests involve active participation and are compulsory if you want to drive without limitations in British Columbia.

If you need to get a driver’s license in BC, you need to get in touch with an Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) driver’s licensing office.

You also need to meet their criterion for getting a driver’s license in British Columbia. Among these criteria is that you must age not less than 16 years old.

It is greatly important that you get a driver’s license to drive or own a car in British Columbia.

As a non-resident, you need to know the three (3) British Columbia driver’s license classes.

They serve as the categories of drivers in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

Also known as Get your L, Learner’s driver’s license is issued to newcomers in British Columbia. Besides, it has a minimum age requirement of 16 years for its applicants.

If you are yet to reach 19 years old, your parent or guardian is required to sign your BC driver’s license application form.

Upon passing the multiple-choice knowledge test, you will get a learner’s driver’s license, which allows you to learn to drive on BC roads for a minimum of one (1) year.

Subsequently, you are required to pass through the road test in order to secure a Novice driver’s license.

However, Learner’s driver’s license has many limitations than other British Columbia driver’s license classes.

After holding a Learner’s driver’s license for a minimum of one year, you can proceed to apply for a Novice license.

Moreover, a Novice driver’s license requires you to pass the Class 7 road test, which lasts for 45 minutes. Class 7 road test examines if you can drive in a safe manner.