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Facts about making fake University of Quebec at Rimousk diploma

University of Quebec at Rimouski diploma, UQAR certificate,
University of Quebec at Rimouski diploma, UQAR certificate,

The University of Quebec at Rimouski (UQAR) is a general French-speaking higher education establishment. Created in 1969, UQAR is a constituent of the Université du Québec network , the only public university network in Canada. How to order a University of Quebec at Rimousk diploma certificate, fake UQAR degree certificate, buy a Canada diploma.

UQAR has two campuses located 300 km apart on the south shore of the Saint Lawrence River , one in Rimouski and the other in Lévis . Located on the edge of the St. Lawrence estuary, the Rimouski campus makes UQAR the northernmost of Quebec universities. Marine sciences ( see Oceanography ), regional development and Nordicness constitute the areas of research excellence of several of the teaching and research programs offered at UQAR.

At its Rimouski campus, UQAR offers several training programs in the fields of biology, chemistry, geography , letters and human sciences , computer science and engineering , psychology and social work , educational sciences, marine sciences, nursing sciences , management and social and territorial development. The training offered at the Lévis campus is concentrated in the sectors of administration, education, social work and nursing sciences.

UQAR’s programs stand out for their multidisciplinary approach and the integration of field trips and internships in a professional environment. UQAR students can study one or two terms abroad, as part of their regular program, without paying more tuition fees than if they were studying in Quebec. These study trips abroad are carried out as part of the student exchange programs (PÉÉ) of the Interuniversity Cooperation Office (BCI) which, to date, has signed agreements with partners from 24 countries.